Building photos

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First construction meeting (May 9, 2007) -- will they still be smiling in nine months?

Clearing the way for greater visibility.

The destruction begins ...

Making another way from Martindale.

The old north entrance.

The new north entrance taking shape.

New offices springing up.

A little addition on the east to make room for youth!

A little demolition to make room on north side for Gathering Space.

Relocation of the old kitchen ...

... and the raw beginnings ...

... of a new kitchen.
Sept 5 view of north entrance with new porch and walkway
North Entrance almost accessible - won't be long!
Pastor's study
A Rising Sun to warm the day!
View of south entrance in preparation for construction
South Entrance - Soon to be expanded as well!
Kitchen in progress
Water, countertop and dishwasher on its way - promise!
New classroom in progress
Lots of new room for jumping, running, wee feet.
New classroom in progress
A high activity and dust day in October.
Photo of north entrance
North entrance, finished!
Photo of south entrance
South entrance, finished!

More photos coming! Also, check out the story-net in the Garden Room at Peace.

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